Wish List

The act of financial devotion to a superior Woman is an act of pure and selfless submission, one that few enlightened men have ever discovered or understood. To reach this level of enlightenment is an accomplishment not to be taken lightly. I deserve to be pampered, even if that means you have to suffer.

You may be an egotist who likes to flaunt your money; you may be a doormat who just can’t say no; or you may be a loner who fantasizes about me being your girlfriend; but at your most fundamental core, you are a Money Slave who simply wants to spoil and pamper me! You download my pictures, obsess over them, dream about them; you can’t take me off your mind. You think of my perfect body and the subtle way I can make you — and your wallet — melt with just a flirty wink and a smile. You crave my attention and long to take care of me. You strive to give me everything that I desire and you are very generous at that. You never want me to work or worry my pretty little head over money, thus indulging me as the decadent and deserving Goddess I truly am.

You are most satisfied when you know you have made my life easier in some way. Your favorite contribution is paying for my day-to-day expenses. You will pay for my manicures and pedicures or perhaps splurge on a day at a luxury spa for me; You will suggest I escape for a week and pay for a first-class vacation on a tropical island, plus a whole new wardrobe to tote along. No matter how you start out, rest assured that the MORE money you send Me, the MORE excited it will make me, and the MORE pleased you will be! I am incredibly spoiled, especially high-maintenance and you cannot resist ME!

Gifts for Goddess Godiva

I love shopping, gifts, and can’t get enough of it. If you are hesitant to buy a gift card for me, because you’re afraid that I will know your information, don’t be stupid and order something for me now.

I love virtual gift cards and they provide me with a code so, I will never see your information. I only want the best and I demand designer handbags, shoes and clothes. If you don’t want to send Goddess Godiva gift cards then ask for her wishes or look at my personal gift list.

Fascinating facts about Moi

Shoe size 37.5 ask first!
Clothing size 34, 0,2 or XS ask first!
Dress XS
Bra size 75C
Panties XS

Some Of My Favorite Brands

Burberry Valentino
Miu Miu Jimmy Choo
La perla Louis Vuitton
Hermes Botega Venetta
Gucci Agent Provocateur
Alaia Christian Louboutin
Chloe Gianvito Rossi
Chanel Giuseppe Zanotti
Givenchy Yves Saint Laurent

Send me a virtual gift card from the following stores godivafashion@gmail.com

I have an extensive WANTlist of items on NetaPorter.com . My private WANTlists are reserved for devoted disciples. I have organized NetaPorter.com WANTlist into categories for easier pursual.


This is My Main NetaPorter.com WANTlist. I suggest you bookmark it – you’ll be visiting A LOT.

Click to see my Personal Wish List and contribute to Godiva’s luxurious lifestyle!