whatever the Goddess Wants

Whatever The Godde €€ Wants, The Godde€€ Gets

It’s the luckiest day of your pitiful existence, boy. You’ve arrived to My Lovely and Deviant Domain. It is here that you will find your place – as one of many lowly pathetic swine under My Divine Feet.

It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that I will torture, taunt, mesmerize, abuse and control you, endlessly exploiting your weaknesses for My gain. If you are unaware of who I am and what I do, you will learn quite quickly that your pain and poverty is My Pleasure and I get off completely when I shape little bitches like you into My devoted disciples.

My Interests Include

Me, Myself and Moi!
The Closest you’ll EVER come to Perfection and truly The Greatest Bitch in the world! That’s right dummy – narcissistic, greedy, bratty, demanding, intelligent, sadistic, creative and cute – PERFECTION INCARNATE!

Financial Domination
Pull out your wallet, your credit cards and get ready to hand over every cent to this Magnificently Seductive and Cruel Walletbuster. You are only as interesting as your last payment to Me…

Degradation, emasculation, and total ego-shredding cockmocking by this Humiliatrix Extraordinaire! A delightlyfully wicked giggle will ring through your ears as I laugh at your aging, pathetic whining pussyboy ass.

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