Serve ME

Serve ME

More ways to serve Me and Grow My Goddess Godiva Empire

The best way to serve me is, of course, cash. But sometimes I get asked, how else can one serve me? Here are some things I am looking for – but please note, this is all EXTRA you can do. You will NOT be given minutes for any of this; these are simply additional ways you can choose to please me.

Web / App Developers

I always come up with more ideas as an entrepreneur to make more MONEY. Why should I keep paying developers if I can have my bitches doing it for free and or even paying me to work for me? I need skilled developers to develop websites or Apps for Me so, that I can make even more Money.

Promote Me on Social Media

Become my social media whore and promote Goddess Godiva by creating a Twitter, Instagram, Google + and Facebook, FetLife account. Make sure that I get more losers like you who sign up to read my diaries, buy my assignments and Tribute big amounts of CASH!

Graphic Designers

I am looking for highly skilled graphic designers to create the graphics for my new Websites / Apps, New Book that I will be launching this year and graphic design for my Goddess Godiva Empire that will continue to expand.

Text Writers

I am always looking for talented text & story writers for my new projects or even to help me write my new book. You can also write about your experiences serving Goddess Godiva for my Diaries.


I am always open for other ideas for how you might be of benefit to me or make even more Money.

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