poppers wheel of fortune



Losers pay for poppers, but just how much will you pay for each sniff? That’s a huge part of the fun with this game as you take a spin before each sniff. Whatever you land on is what you must tribute to Goddess Godiva. Amounts in the basic wheel include multiple instances of €5, €10, €15, €20 & €25, €30, €35, € 40, €45, €50, and two instances each of “Free Sniff,” “€75,” and “€100” as well as a few other amounts between € 50 & €75. There are more slots for more variety and fun! You are also allowed one free sniff to get started, but for the rest, you must spin, obey and PAY! Tribute by clicking on the PayPal.me link below and fill in the correct amount. Make sure to take photos or videos.

Photo 1: A photo of the Wheel and the amount you landed on.

Photo2: You sniffing Poppers

Send the photos to my email address: goddessgodiva22@gmail.com. The photos will be uploaded on my WHEEL of FORTUNE Gallery. If you don’t want them to be uploaded make that clear in your email!

1 Spin 5 Euro 2 Spins 10 Euro 5 Spins 25 Euro 10 Spins 49 Euro

Read my game instructions carefully:

Click on the PayPal tribute button


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