Pigs hall of fame

Pigs hall of fame

Statement: 4 January 2018

I have been into financial domination and humiliation since 2010 or even longer maybe even since 2008 or 2009 I don’t even remember. I started before the last major worldwide financial crisis and I was still in law school back then. I had this website build in 2012 and 5 years later I am still running this fucking show. Over the past 5 years many moneyslaves, sissies, admirers and losers from all over the world had the privilege of worshipping Me Goddess Godiva. I started local demanding PayPal donations,Douglas and Bijenkorf gift cards and have them send me big fat envelopes with stacks of cash to my PO Box. I have been away for several months and even years at the time, but always kept my website online. This past weekend I checked all my email accounts and came across so many photos and videos of my losers and even though the website was finished I decided to add one more page for my beloved admirers.

Below the names, photos, videos of some of my most memorable Losers, Sissies, Admirers and Money Slaves!

Special Attention:

Slave Koertje : Designed my epic logo and served me financially. Always stuck up for me when losers were bashing me on moneyslave forums that I was to expensive and a shemale which I am clearly not. I love haters!! He also brought to my attention when low life bitches stole my photos and text.I have not heard from him for a long time but still yet one of my most memorable money slaves.

Admirer H : Served me for over the past ⅞ years or longer. Bought me several Louboutins heels, Herve Leger dresses, Agent Provocateur Lingerie and has been tributing money all of these years. Most expensive pair of heels he bought me is from ALAÏA €880.

Slave Joeri : This Money Slave from Belgium has been donating money since 27th of december 2012. Never had a skype chat and he only heard my mesmerizing voice 3 times over the phone demanding money and his credit card code in the last few months of this year. I emptied his bank account, credit cards and he is always begging me to have him sign a promissory note at a notary office. I know where he lives, works, company email, have a copy of his ID, I have downloaded all his bank account information and statements. I love Belgian money slaves I have had several over the past few years and they always donated large sums of money at once such as Lorenzo, Maarten and a few others.

Perverted Sissy Smoke Slut Raffaella : Sissy sluts, bitches and maids have been serving me since day one from all over the world such as UK, Norway, USA and many more countries, but Sissy Raffaella has topped them all. Look at her pics and video below and tell me if you can top this?

Important :

I will update my new free blog of losers with all the blog stories of my old websites. The old videos and photos will be visible in my video and photo album on www.kinkyfetishcommunity.com so, don’t forget to sign up. New photo’s and video’s of my kinky bitches doing all kind off assignments for me will be visible there as well! Do, you want to become one of my famous Pigs upload your photos on Pigs on Display page!