Pay my Bills

Pay My Bills

Lavishing Me in the finer things of life and contributing to my luxurious lifestyle is one of your biggest achievements in life. Nothing will fulfill you as much as an empty wallet and happy Goddess Godiva. A slave’s main responsibility is to make my life easier. Contribute to Goddess Godiva’s lifestyle by paying one of My Monthly bills or just adopt them all. Send an email with the name off the bill you want to adopt to You can click on the buttons for amounts up to 500 to pay one of my bills. I also accept Tributes via the BitCoins, Circle Pay, Tikkie and Square App. Send me an email to ask for a Tribute link or my PO Box address to send Cash Tributes to pay for one of my bills.

Below you can make your contribution to My Luxurious lifestyle – Click on the button to tribute.

Contribute to my Maserati Cabrio €163.450