Humiliating you bring ME Hours of FUN!

If there’s anything the male species deserves more than life itself, it’s a humiliating knockdown from a drop-dead gorgeous Bitch in Heels. I’m more than happy to deliver it – it’s My nature. Just when you thought you had some sort of self-esteem, an itty bitty piece of manhood left – My witty lips and clever brain deliver the ultimate in boy-bashing brilliance.

While there are just too many ways I can think of to bring you down to dirt level, here are a few that I particularly enjoy:

Extreme Humiliation

Small Penis Humiliation

Well, aren’t you lucky! Goddess forgot a couple hundred inches when She made you! It’s tough being a tiny tot in a man’s body, isn’t it? It could be worse – you could actually BE a man. But you’re NOT! You’re the parasitic host for a terminal disease that’s taken up camp between your thighs! Erectus Minus!

Public Humiliation

Sending you out into the big, bad world in a tutu soundslikes a hoot. But then again, so does a trip to the local glory hole dressed as a cartoon character. I might even make you piss yourself for Me in your very own SuperMegaMart while sending ME moula. You simply never know what I’ve got up My golden sleeve. But one thing is for sure – public humiliation is MY FAV!

And Then There’s Always…

Diaper humiliation, cfnm humiliation, medical humiliation, bondage humiliation,feminization humiliation, chastity humiliation…the ways I can find to shatter your ego in a million bits are endless!

No limits, hardcore across-the-board abuse. I’ll poke your pudgy rolls, laugh at your shriveled skintag, make fun of your heritage, dress you up, bend you over, make you sing…whatever floats My boat at the moment.