Fund My Business Projects

Business Slaves,

As you know I studied economics and Financial Law but, I fucking refuse to work as an office slave and make somebody else fucking rich while I am slaving away on a daily basis. That’s not me I already knew when I was 18 years old that I would never go work as an office bitch day in and day out. I leave that up to you to slave away for Goddess Godiva so, I can build my empire. It’s time for me to put my business skills to use and guess who is going to invest in my business ventures? Yes, you my slaves, admirers, sissies and losers are going to pay for it. I have a new idea for a web/app project (this has nothing to do with Goddess Godiva empire and is a real business project) and I think the development part is going to cost around €10.000. As you already knew you paid for the development of this new website that cost me a few thousand dollars. Since I started with 30 pages and now I have around 70! Besides that my Belgium slave Joeri tributed an amount of money which I used to build my kinky community with instead of buying a nice pair of high heels and clothes.

You Slaves, Admirers, Sissies and fucking losers have one mission, and that is get me as much cash as quickly as possible so that I can start with the development part of my new business venture!

Use the buttons below to make your tributes towards my business venture. This page is the only place you can tribute for it to be counted towards my business project fund. You will notice that the tribute amounts are preset (example: €18, €38, €488). This is how I can tell the difference between normal tributes and tributes that are especially for my business project fund. You can also tribute via bank transfer ask for my details but only amounts more than €750 are worth it.

Business Slaves
The Slaves, Admirers, Sissies and fucking losers listed in this section have gone above and beyond to serve me, their Black Goddess, and have tributed towards the funding of my business project!