Buy Me A New House

House Slaves,

Maybe not all of you know this but, I am originally from South America. I think it’s time for me to own a house in my country of birth. I am not interested in a small cottage but a nice mansion around €250.000 with enough rooms, space and a swimming pool for me to relax. I need to start planning and I am already looking into the kind of house that I want build. Maybe a Miami style glass house but, I value my privacy so maybe something similar to the picture. One of my slaves is a Dutch Architect so, I will be getting my building plan for free just the way I like it. You can thank Goddess that I will be able to build a nice mansion with this amount of money compared to the prices in Europe.

You Slaves, Admirers, Sissies and fucking losers have one mission, and that is get me as much cash as quickly as possible so that I can build my mansion. I want to start the process in the summer of 2018. As we all can see it’s not going well in Europe and when shit hits the fan I want to be the first one on that fucking plane out of here! You might even join me to serve as my house boy! You would like that don’t you?

Use the buttons below to make your tributes towards my house. This page is the only place you can tribute for it to be counted towards my house fund. You will notice that the tribute amounts are preset (example: €22, €33, €444). This is how I can tell the difference between normal tributes and tributes that are especially for my house fund. You can also tribute via bank transfer ask for my details but only amounts more than €750 are worth it.

House Slaves
The Slaves, Admirers, Sissies and fucking losers listed in this section have gone above and beyond to serve me, their Black Goddess, and have tributed towards the purchase of my mansion!