Forced Bi Fantasies and Forced bi Clips

Confessions of a Financial Dominatrix

Forced Bi Fantasies and Forced bi Clips

GoddessGodiva - August 25 2019

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Hey faggot. Yea I’m talking to you. I know how hard it gets your dick when I call you a faggot. I want to show you how weak and pathetic you are. You have a lot of secrets but this one is a special secret. I know your secret. You’re a straight boy who enjoys something a bit different. Something most straight men might not enjoy. You like to suck cock. Isn’t that right? I’m not here to bash you or make fun of you because you’re not straight. You see your urge to suck cock as a straight man is actually very, very common.

This is your ultimate fantasy, isn’t it? Your dick doesn’t lie, it makes you so horny. And it’s not really gay if I’m there, right? You need me to complete your fantasy. You need me to force you, to make sure you do a good job because you want to please me, don’t you? You fucking need me for this. And your life won’t be complete until you’ve done it. You think about it all the time. You watch forced bi clips all the time, you can’t change the way you’re hard-wired. You need this. And you need me to make it happen, and that’s going to cost you, because that’s all there is in this for me, your cash. So how much is it worth to you? You’re going to pay a lot for it and that makes it even more humiliating. Look how hard your dick is.

You are not the first I turned into a cock sucking faggot and I fucking enjoy it. Making you get down on your knees and forcing you to suck a cock. Look at my forced bi page where you can see how my boys get down on their knees for me and suck cock.


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