Confessions of a Financial Dominatrix


GoddessGodiva - May 05 2019

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Pay attention to what I speak of, as I do not like to repeat myself. You are not worth the energy I put forth now, let alone a repeat performance as my time is very valuable I only say this once! I extended my presence to the internet as a Financial Dominatrix & Humiliatrix several years ago while I was attending Law School. As of today, I consider myself a Financial Dominatrix, MindFuckTrix & The Queen of High Heels.

I am back with my confessions in a big way. My Admirers Human ATMs, subs, sissy sluts, money slaves, High heel boys that have been following me from the beginning know that I used to blog a lot on my old Google blog and continued on my Dutch and English Goddess Godiva website where I had a free blog for losers, and a paid subscription version called my diary. The last few years I have not been actively blogging on my old websites (put the websites offline). Since the launch of my, I have not posted a lot on my forum. During my time in Law school, I had a lot more time and interest in doing so… I have become so spoiled by my admirers that it is not even necessary to blog they tribute anyway as they should.

After many requests by my admirers who begged me for tribute and spending updates, craving new pics, clips I, first of all, created a lot of new clips which I will be releasing a few every week. I also taped a lot of High Heels Clips which are in high demand due to my large collection of designer High Heels.

With so many new admirers from all over the world, me enjoying an extended time in Spain where I am not only enjoying a luxurious lifestyle but also focused on a few new projects that will ensure the growth of my Goddess Godiva Empire…the answer to the questions of “being a Financial Dominatrix Goddess is my full-time job” the answer is NO. This is not even a job or a business ..but more of a very lucrative hobby. Let me be clear I don’t need your MONEY to survive as I have my own!…

I just want your Money because draining the wallets of men and giving nothing in return gives me an insatiable feeling of POWER!!!! Me enjoying the fruits of your hard labor, taking your MONEY and you thanking me for it…I love it…I am also focused on building a NON RELATED goddess Godiva business and you will fund the growth as well. I will be moving to another apartment in the near future and you will also be paying for the decorations. To make a long story short you boys are funding my complete lifestyle from the expensive high heels I put on my feet till groceries I put in the fridge.

As you know I am not the one to give everything away for free so if you want to know how I drain my admirers their bank accounts with proof of screenshots, videos, pics and more….see who buys my scented intimates, $end me all the money that they have, who spends thousands and thousands of Euros and Dollars because they are so addicted that they can’t live without my attention and the way to keep it is with MONEY AND ONLY MONEY! Pay your subscription fee via Circle Pay, Amazon Gift card, Gift card, Tikkie and other options.

The read and see all the above I just described you can subscribe to my Confessions of A Financial Dominatrix Diary. You will only be able to gain access if you join my website after I received the payment of your subscription you will be able to gain access to my all of my posts!

Instead of blogging I decided to start vlogging on my youtube channel since my time is very valuable and this is less time consuming and at the same time I can turn even more boys into my MindLess Drones and helping even more men turning their Kinky Fetish Fantasies into a Reality! Subscribe to my Channels below! and

If you dare to attempt to become my Creditor, Human ATM, Admirer, Money Slave, Forced Bi Fag, Sissy Slut you will be MindFucked, Humiliated, Blackmailed, Denied endlessly but most important drained of your Money. Tell me all your Kinky Fetish Fantasies, your heartbreaking confessions, and your dirt nasty little secrets…that don’t want anybody to know about not even your wife….If you dare…Fill in my Financial Slavery Application form and choose your slave position! This can be from the  “Cash Money Mailman” meaning send Ca$h money to my P.O. Box to a “Credit Card Banker” providing me with credit cards for me to Max Out the choice is yours…

I have created a clip  “GET TO KNOW MINDFUCKTRIX GODDESS GODIVAWarning Watch This Clip At Your Own Risk!! You can watch the short version here for free and buy the extended version by clicking on the links below. or Make sure to come back on a daily basis to get your daily dose of Goddess Godiva. I am more addictive than any drugs on the market! Now be a Good Boy and click on the tribute button and make me happy! or or send me a gift card in Euro or buy me something from my wishlist  Take a look at my wishlist send gift cards to:


IMPORTANT: Let’s get one thing straight… due to changes in the world of Findom since I started years ago…. I want to make it very clear that I am not a sex worker, a sexual performer, bikini bimbo, stripper, webcam slut, basic bitch or prostitute. MY NUDITY CAN’T BE BOUGHT LET ALONE GIVEN AWAY FOR FREE. I sure don’t need it to drain my boys you know that you are entitled to absolutely nothing but forking over ca$h my way. I don’t perform any kind of sexual acts in any shape or form. I don’t take off my clothes, I don’t get naked, I don’t show my lingerie, you will not get see me in a bikini (or you have to pay for my luxurious first class beach vacation) even though guys on the beach and lifeguards at the gym get to drool for free!!! Hell, you boys don’t even get to see my face! Any kind of request asking or demanding the above will get you fucking Losers blocked. There are many cheap bitches online willing to do and give you anything for free or a few pennies I am not one of them. Don’t fucking ask me to roleplay if I wanted to be an actress I would go to Hollywood. If you are looking for that please close this page and don’t come back!


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