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Confessions of a Financial Dominatrix

A New Free Financial Domination Blog For Money Slaves

GoddessGodiva - August 25 2019

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For boys that don’t know anything about Financial Domination and want to get a taste of it you came to the right place. I will take you down a path of financial destruction leave you craving more and giving me more! You are warned! You are going straight down the rabbit hole.

HAHAHAHA SUCKERS DON’T THINK THAT YOU WILL BE GETTING A FUCKING FREE RIDE BY CLICKING ON THE LINK FREE BLOG FOR LOSERS! IF YOU WANT TO DIPP YOUR WORTHLESS ASS INTO MY DEVIANT DOMAIN YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER LOSER BITCH! OR READ MY FREE BLOG POSTS OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Yes, I am back with a new Free Blog For Losers! You, Goddess Godiva addicts are visiting my website day in and day out with nothing new too read! I finally decided to give you all something to read. If you want to be able to read and see everything you need to join my stable AND PAY! I know you curious boys want to read all about how much I drain from your fellow addicts, how many straight guys I turn into COCK SUCKING FAGGOTS, who is SNIFFING MY WORN PANTIES, how many good boys I turn MINDLESS DRONES and the list goes on and on……

Since the launch of my new website, I have gained so many new Admirers, Addicts, PayPigs, Losers, Sissies, FagBoys, Strapon Lovers, High Heel Boys from all over the world and I never have enough. I am here to drain your wallet and don’t care about your wife, girlfriend or whomever you are dating. I don’t care about those useless cash sucking family members read my page Save Money For Me and get rid of them. Only child support is off-limits to me the rest I could care less about! Ask my Belgian Money Slave or better yet I will show you in one of my upcoming posts that when I drain his bank account I always leave his monthly child support for his daughter.

Remember you are worthless unless you donate! So make sure to grab your credit card and send me a Tribute via my Indiebill Store or Unblur Store.


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