Goddess Godiva

Know that I am an elite Financial Domme. I extended my presence to the internet several years ago while I was attending Law School. I turned to Financial Domination and Humiliation after I met a partner at one of the most renowned International law firms in … ……….. We used to talk a lot and one day over the phone he asked me if I could humiliate him, because he had a small penis. Now, it’s proven that I am the best and most demanding online financial domination Mistress in the world. Yes you are reading it correctly in the world what started in … ……….. and now I am being admired by men, sissies, and long-term owned slaves around the world from Norway to Japan. They are weak to my will, happily under my control and serving me for years at a time.

You have found me for a reason. I have pulled you in and shown you the path you were always meant to be on. The path to personal salvation through financial sacrifice for Goddess Godiva. Be warned, I will become an obsession, an addiction. I will use my beauty to draw you in, then I will use my wicked imagination, intelligence and power to turn you into a helpless heap before me, ready to mold into my perfect, obedient little pet. I will make your heart beat faster, your palms sweaty and your knees weak! I will taunt you tease you and deny you! I will be there when you wake up and when you go to sleep at night. You are the yin to my yang, when I want to be spoiled and adored you will come crawling glad to be of service. When I want to make you bleed cash for me until you’re completely dried out, you will beg to slice that wallet open yourself. This is what I do to you, I turn you into an addict that can’t live without suffering for my financial desires.

You as my property will deliver wealth to Me and attend to My passing amusements. Satisfying My desires, devoted to Me and My pleasure. I take great pride in training productive money slaves. My expectations do not center around what you would want from a Goddess, but instead, are focused on what I want for MYSELF! I have been away for long periods of time. In contrary to other so-called Financial Dommes I do it because I actually like it not because I need your money. I actually have a life this is not my job! So, I don’t show my face I never have and I never will so, don’t ask me to do so. The only reason I am still around is that I have built a name for myself and my fans from the around the world keep begging me to come back online.

I am NOT a performer, you serve Me as I am. The only thing here for entertainment purposes is you. I am not here to service you in anyway. To be honest I don’t give a …..about your needs I only care about Me, Myself and Moi. I don’t perform sexual acts in any shape or form. My nude body is NOT for your consumption and it will never be. You will not get to see me naked or in lingerie! I am not some webcam slut if you are looking for that please close this page and don’t come back! I am insatiable. I am addicting. I am exactly what you NEED and CRAVE and your only pleasure in life is tributing to my intoxicating power and beauty in hopes of my acknowledgment and attention. Let’s face it, we both know you’ll never have a beautiful, young and educated Goddess like me by your side… I’m what you dream of but now is your chance to turn your dreams into a reality!

Finding a true and genuine Goddess like me to serve is a true honor.
To be given the chance to get to know me and to please me.