Financial Domination Goals Start Paying Today

Confessions of a Financial Dominatrix

Financial Domination Goals Start Paying Today

GoddessGodiva - August 25 2019

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I have created a new page Financial Domination Payment Goals. Each and every one of you can set Financial Domination payment goals and you will be able to see the progress of your goal on this page. If you set your goal at 10.000 euro every tribute will be accredited to your goal with the exception of gift cards, bought clips, etc….. Only Financial Tributes will count.

I am a true Goddess, so far above the rest. A true Goddess who gets everything she desires. I am a Goddess and you are my Pay pig, Human ATM, Money slave, High Heel Boy, Admirer and here to do everything I demand. I’m absolutely perfect in every way. My perfection controls you, my heels manipulates your loser brain. And there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Everything you have belongs to me, I will take every last dime you have and you will beg me to take it all.

You can tribute towards your payment goals via my Indiebill and Unblur store.


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