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Pay attention to what I speak of, as I do not like to repeat myself. You are not worth the energy I put forth now, let alone a repeat performance as my time is very valuable I only say this once! I am back with my confessions in a big way. My Admirers Human ATMs, subs, sissy sluts, money slaves, High heel boys you all have the opportunity to read my confessions. Some of my posts will be free, some will only be available to logged in members and other posts meaning the GOOD STUFF will only be available to paid logged in members. So, if you want to read and see it all join my domain! You can pay via my Unblur store, Tikkie ( Dutch Members), gift cards, gift cards, and Bitcoin (other cryptos). I will add your subscription manually to your account upon receiving payment!

I am a very busy Goddess and uploading blog posts/photos/videos takes a long time so I decided to make it easier for myself and finally start using my account. Personal Photos, Videos, Unpacking Gifts, Audio’s, Sessions content, wallet-Draining and more. Subscription benefits 1.Full access to my content 2. Send me Direct Messages 3. Live Stream Option Let me Drain You Live I get instant Notifications! Poor Losers finally have the chance to enjoy my content without becoming homeless for Only $49.99 Per Month!

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150 euro netaporter gift card from my high heels boy

GoddessGodiva February 12 2020

I received a 150-pound gift card from my high heels boy.

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250 BOL.COM gift cards from sissy fre

GoddessGodiva February 12 2020

250 euro in gift cards SissyFre craves to be my whore to suck cock for me. I should start pimping him out so he can earn money for me.

Financial Domination Gifts Received Good Boys

800 pounds in Amazon Gift Cards from my JOI Cum Addict

GoddessGodiva February 12 2020

My American cum addict loves it when I give him permission to cum. His cock gets hard by the thought of me allowing to draining his cock while he has to pay for it. I ordered him to send me 600-pound Amazon gift cards and $100. A few days later a 200-pound gift card. he … Read More

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This Patreon Femdom Humiliation page will give you purpose

GoddessGodiva December 20 2019

Hey Loser, FemdomHumiliation is a place where you can devote your life to me, the Goddess of FemdomHumiliation. Now you have something to live for, something to look forward to. You should thank me, loser. Thank me for being willing to turn you into a mindless drone, jerking off every day to the Spoiled Brat … Read More

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Watch my photos and videos of my trip to Vienna in OnlyFans

GoddessGodiva December 10 2019

I had a great time in Vienna, Austria 2 weeks ago and I want a refund of a 1000 Euro. I really enjoyed my carriage ride through the center. If you want to view all my personal photos and videos of me in Vienna join my for Only $49.99 per Month.