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Pay attention to what I speak of, as I do not like to repeat myself. You are not worth the energy I put forth now, let alone a repeat performance as my time is very valuable I only say this once! I am back with my confessions in a big way. My Admirers Human ATMs, subs, sissy sluts, money slaves, High heel boys you all have the opportunity to read my confessions. Some of my posts will be free, some will only be available to logged in members and other posts meaning the GOOD STUFF will only be available to paid logged in members. So, if you want to read and see it all join my domain! You can pay via my Unblur store, Tikkie ( Dutch Members), gift cards, gift cards, and Bitcoin (other cryptos). I will add your subscription manually to your account upon receiving payment!

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What is Financial Domination-Become My Money Slave

GoddessGodiva August 25 2019

Financial domination (also known as money slavery) is a sexual fetish, in particular a practice of dominance and submission, where a submissive (money slave, finsub, pay pig, human ATM, or cash piggie) will give gifts and money to a financial dominant which is Me the one and only Financial Dominatrix aka MindFucktrix- I am an … Read More

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Male Chastity Training and Chastity Videos

GoddessGodiva August 25 2019

Men in Chastity and why you love being locked up. Male chastity training is that thing where you lock your penis in a chastity device that prevents you from getting full erections or using your penis for sex. While locked up, you can’t masturbate or orgasm and the cage can only be removed by your … Read More

Forced Bi Free Blog Posts Strapon Lovers

Forced Bi Fantasies and Forced bi Clips

GoddessGodiva August 25 2019

Hey faggot. Yea I’m talking to you. I know how hard it gets your dick when I call you a faggot. I want to show you how weak and pathetic you are. You have a lot of secrets but this one is a special secret. I know your secret. You’re a straight boy who enjoys … Read More

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Financial Domination Goals Start Paying Today

GoddessGodiva August 25 2019

I have created a new page Financial Domination Payment Goals. Each and every one of you can set Financial Domination payment goals and you will be able to see the progress of your goal on this page. If you set your goal at 10.000 euro every tribute will be accredited to your goal with the … Read More

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High Heel Fetish Videos Worship My heels

GoddessGodiva August 25 2019

High Heel Fetish – is a completely normal and common type of sexual fantasy that brings arousal from High Heels. Looking at, touching and hearing heels click and clack on the floor elicits excitement. I have a very large collection of High Heels from Christian Louboutin to Gianvitto Rossi and started to film high heel … Read More