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Pay attention to what I speak of, as I do not like to repeat myself. You are not worth the energy I put forth now, let alone a repeat performance as my time is very valuable I only say this once! I am back with my confessions in a big way. My Admirers Human ATMs, subs, sissy sluts, money slaves, High heel boys you all have the opportunity to read my confessions. Some of my posts will be free, some will only be available to logged in members and other posts meaning the GOOD STUFF will only be available to paid logged in members. So, if you want to read and see it all join my domain! You can pay via my Unblur store, Tikkie ( Dutch Members), gift cards, gift cards, and Bitcoin (other cryptos). I will add your subscription manually to your account upon receiving payment!

Financial Domination

Join My Exclusive OnlyFans-Get Weak, Addicted and Obsessed

GoddessGodiva November 03 2019

Has it been too long since you’ve given in? Since you’ve felt that addiction? I know you’ve been helplessly craving it. And I know there’s only one thing that gets you off Me! You hope that you’ll stop thinking about it, that it won’t consume you. But all it takes is my voice in your … Read More

Financial Domination Panties For sale

Wanna Jerk Off In My Panties? Bid on my red panties!

GoddessGodiva November 03 2019

I know lot’s of you boys love my panties. you buy them in bulk. Some of you love to sniff and lick my panties and some of you want to wear my panties. Look at the photo of my lucky virgin loser from Sweden he was so happy with the first pair of my panties … Read More

Contact Me

Ways To Contact Me & New WhatsApp & Book Skype Sessions

GoddessGodiva November 03 2019

For the fucking last time don’t click on my name if you don’t Fucking Tribute. Some of you losers don’t have a fucking life well let me tell you something I do have fun and MY TIME IS VERY VALUABLE. I DON’T HAVE TIME TO WAIST IT FOR FREE! You can purchase my new WhatsApp … Read More

Humiliation Assignments

At Work & Other Humiliating Assignments For Losers

GoddessGodiva November 03 2019

You love my clips, they bring you joy. But I want to create an opportunity for you to feel that pleasure all the time. Not just at night for ten minutes while you whack. This is a lifestyle, being a loser that is, and you need to incorporate your whole life. It will give you … Read More

Humiliation Humiliation Audios MindFuck

My Humiliation Audio’s Will Make You Losers Weaker

GoddessGodiva November 03 2019

It seems you need to be humiliated and degraded, don’t you? You thrive on my harsh words and … Buy and Listen to my erotic humiliation fetish audio’s and then, give me a call (Purchase My WhtsApp) or Book a Skype Session starts at 10 minutes for 150 euro’s. You’re Into SPH, Because You Have … Read More