Fetish exploitation

Your weakness = My gain

Awww, lookie – your inferior little brainstem is twisted, tied and permanently imprinted with an attraction to an inanimate object! Or maybe your weakened blob of a brain is instantly malleable when you see a certain something. when you see a certain something. Whatever is it, freakboy – Yeah for ME! You are one easy chump to manipulate!

Let’s get one thing clear here, jackass – I do NOT exist to cater to your pathetic pleas for pantyhose, high heels, etc. If your weakness happens to fit into who i am, My Moods and the fashions that I enjoy – I will happily use them to transform you into My bitchboy for life.However, if you think I’m going to jump into a rubber suit when you come knocking because it makes you go gaga – keep on moving. You are in the WRONG place.With that said if you are a brainwashed baby with a weakness that is listed here, you’re guaranteed to fall into the trap that is ME.

Foot FetishBreast Fetish
Legs FetishGloves Fetish
Latex FetishLipstick Fetish
Ebony FetishSmoking Fetish
Boot FetishShoe / High Heel Fetish
Leather FetishStockings / Nylon Fetish

Foot Fetish

My creamy soft caramel soles…just reading those words makes you fall into a hazy dreamy world fantasising about having My creamy dreamy soft soles on your face…doesn’t it? Imagine the warmth from My soles and the soft delicate Goddess aroma…All you need is one tiny little glimpse of My perfectly soft caramel peds to send you into a daydream fantasy land.

My gorgeous soft toes are like 10 weapons of destruction…I can have whatever I desire from you just by wiggling them and pointing them at you…what power such pretty things have over such silly boys, but it wouldn’t be so much fun if you weren’t so silly, would it? Silly for My Soles?
My soft creamy soles whet your appetite and make you drool whether they’re flexed, arched or wrinkled, you just simply can’t deny falling in love with them, wanting to taste them wanting to gift them and to pay for My pedicures making sure My precious feet are treated accordingly.

My perfectly painted toe nails, each has so much power over you, you stare at them longingly, mouth watering.you will do anything for to be at My feet…you live for them…My creamy soft soles will have you coming back and paying more and more…