Ways To Worship The Queen Bee

As you click around My Hive, soaking in My Essence and discovering just how PHENOMENAL I am – you’re going to feel a deep need inside your inferior shell. That need is to GIVE. To give Me whatever I want, whenever I want it. Never forget, that without Me – you would be lost.

Get ready for handing over every penny you have to this beautiful seductive and cruel goddess who robs your wallet empty. You’re just as interesting as your last payment to me. I take genuine interest in the financial status and financial practices of my slaves. I encourage all my slaves to consult with me when they are uncertain of how they can best finance my spending sprees. Consider me as your divine financial adviser, whereby I help you save and tribute as much money as possible and help you ascend to your proper ranking in my Queendom as my loyal pet.

In order to be a slave and pet worthy of my attention, you are expected to financially submit to my will, eagerly and generously, for as long as I have a use for you. Without tributes to your Goddess, we neither have a relationship, nor an understanding of each other’s natural-born role. Your role is to give; My role is to take. This is the most basic and essential part of our Princess/slave relationship. No matter what your ranking or length of time in my Queendom, you will dutifully serve me until your bank account runs dry.

Send Gifts Via Mail

Swiss Francs and Pounds can be tributed via Skrill and Cash. I also accept Tributes via the BitCoins, Circle Pay, Tikkie and Square App. Send me an email to ask for a Tribute link or my PO Box address to send Cash Tributes. Due to changes of the payment processor, you can tribute in via Getindiebill and Unblur by clicking on the tribute buttons payments are in $