Corporate Control

Complete Control

I’ve always been fascinated by my ability to control men, the power I have over every person & any situation. For those of you who are lucky enough to get to know me & those who have the pleasure of being dominated by me will find this quite obvious.

Over the years I’ve used and abused lots of men as my toys. I love weak males who crave to indulge in all of their fantasies, desires and fetishes virtually. This virtual escape for many of you will be a central place — My Queendom — to adore me, worship me and most importantly tribute me. I will be the Goddess you run home for and the secret you keep from everyone.

A beautiful Ebony Goddess like myself to spend your money on and exploiting your hidden kinky secrets. I encountered many submissive males and thrived on taking control of their money and their minds. I believed every man had an obligation to fulfill my happiness and they always did, whether they wanted to or not. This started me on a lifelong mission to accumulate as many pets and slaves as possible along the way, demanding their loyal devotion and allowing them the privileged opportunity to serve me to my heart’s content.

Corporate Monkeys

I have a thing for corporate money slaves. But men from all socioeconomic backgrounds are welcome to apply to be my money slave. It’s not limited to wealthy men by any means. From students in college, and the blue-collar worker to men in the most elite jobs such as financiers, doctors, lawyers, politicians, CEOs, music and film industry men to name just a few. I just love to enslave all kinds of men and I never have enough but corporate Muppets are just one of my favorites due to my university background.

So bigshot, realize that the days of you waltzing around seemingly “in control” and handing down orders are over… you’re my corporate bitch now… My tool, asset and well-groomed groupie under my well-manicured feet. That is where you will find your place!

Bitch, you know how it works… I’ll enslave you, allow you to do my bidding, be my bitch and you’ll never get the credit. You crave to be under the control of an attractive, young, well-educated, with style and class and dominant South American Ebony Goddess. I am the perfect girl to bring home to meet your mommy! If she only knew what kind of bad boy you really are….. her perfect sweet little momma’s boy OMG… .You know you want to submit to me, the white collar world wrecker… and your CEO! I am in control now BITCH and you are my little white puppet as I am pulling the strings now!

I’ll lock you up in chastity, wearing a pretty pink thong under your suit, and telling more lies to your perfect wife, fiancée or girlfriend at home. Then when you were sleeping with your secretary just because she was easy and available and catered to your every whim. Not me! I am the woman that will put you in your place and have you on your knees begging for mercy.

Mastercard, Visa and AMEX Adventures… you want to spoil me and cater to me because you know the only reason you’re a corporate monkey in the first place is so that you can afford privileges and the experiences and the style and class of the Excotic Ebony GoddessGodiva. I bring domination and sophistication together!

I get aroused when you continue to put Me first, which is where I belong. Over your wife, girlfriend, friends and other commitments except for your working commitment ofcourse I would never interfere with my money … But serving me, and catering to me is and always will be your number 1 focus from now on!