Consensual Blackmail

Consensual Blackmail

Entrapment Is Just So…Delicious.
You can run but you can’t hide!

I know exactly where you live! :            in:            and Your IP Address:

You’re being hunted down by Goddess Godiva. This seductive Huntress doesn’t necessarily want to kill you… I want to hurt you. To back you in a corner where the only option you have is to GIVE Me WHAT I DEMAND.

I own you, in that terribly frightening way with which one little whisper from My Luscious Lips to the right person could end your happy little life forever. You know there’s only one way to make sure I stay quiet about your dirty little secrets. GIVE HER WHAT ME WHAT I WANT. It’s quite the conundrum you’ve gotten yourself into isn’t it? I am so amazingly gorgeous – a Woman that you could never even get close to – that while you’re in danger and terrified of losing what life and possessions you had – there’s no way you can say no to Me.

When I tell you to suck cock for Me and take photos, you do it – even when you KNOW that if anyone ever saw those photos that I hold – you would be humiliated for life and have at least one less family member to buy for during the holidays. The best part is never knowing when I will strike. There you are, working the hours away, having dindin with the family, whiling away the hours of your vapid little life. A sign of relief might escape you. You think maybe I forgot about you.

But the day your phone rings, you look down and see My number, you remember, trembling… I never forget. It’s time to pay. And there’s no mercy from the Collector, so you’d better pony up – or everything you take comfort in, everything that you love, everything that means anything to you…will be destroyed with a Yves Saint Laurent red smirk. Wake up, little fool. It’s time to make that fantasy in your pea brain a sweet reality.
Fill in The Most Terrifying Blackmail Application Ever, and find out what it means to be My prey.

Consensual Blackmail Application Form

By filling in this form in its entirety you agree to be blackmailed by Goddess Godiva. If at any time you wish to be released from your blackmail contract you fully understand that there will be a get out fee of between € 500 and € 50.000 depending of your annual income. The fee will be discussed at the start of our relationship. After receiving you tribute I will review your application and send you the Blackmail contract if I accept you as a worthy blackmail slave!