Bank Account Draining

Bank Account Draining

I prefer to establish long-term relationships with my slaves, slowly draining you of all your cash and credit until I have no use for you anymore. Thus, I am not one of those evil Goddesses that plunder their slaves’ entire savings in one shot, leaving them bankrupt within mere minutes of meeting. I care about my slaves’ financial stability and prefer a steady stream of tributes over the course of several weeks, months and even years. This allows me ample time to learn more about your salary, your bonuses, your bank accounts, your stock options, your tax refunds, your hidden accounts, your weaknesses and any other information that may garner me more money over the long term.

In order to be a slave and pet worthy of my attention, you are expected to financially submit to my will, eagerly and generously, for as long as I have a use for you. Without tributes to your Goddess Godiva, we neither have a relationship, nor an understanding of each other’s natural-born role. Your role is to give; My role is to take. This is the most basic and essential part of our Goddess/slave relationship. No matter what your ranking or length of time in my Queendom, you will dutifully serve me until your bank account runs dry.

I like exploiting men, and using them for money!! I will control your finances and slip you into bankruptcy, deprivation, and poverty for profit and amusement. I will drain your bank account to fund my life of LUXURY! You will provide me access to your bank accounts including your credit card numbers. I will make sure your bills are paid and able to eat. Because, you can’t work on an empty stomach to make me even more money! You will be deprived on all other luxuries and will be left with the basic necessities to function properly anything above that will become mine.

I will empty my wish lists and rinse you wallet!

Bank account via skype sessions

I will drain your bank account while you are watching me doing it. You will realize how real this actually is.

Money is power – Become my human ATM