ATM wheel of fortune


You can stop jerking off now get dressed pull out your wallet because you will be making a trip to the ATM. Spin the wheel and withdraw the amount you landed on from the ATM and make sure to take 2 photos.

Photo 1: A photo of the Wheel and the amount you landed on.
Photo2: Standing at the ATM with the money in your hand holding a piece of paper with the text: I am Goddess Godiva’s ATM Wheel of Fortune Bitch or something similar.

Send the amount to my PO Box address below and the photos to my email address: The photos will be uploaded on my WHEEL of FORTUNE Gallery. If you don’t want them to be uploaded make that clear in your email!

1 Spin 5 Euro 2 Spins 10 Euro 5 Spins 25 Euro 10 Spins 49 Euro

Read my game instructions carefully:

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