Advanced wheel of fortune

Goddess Godiva advanced money WHEEL of FORTUNE

I loved watching Wheel of Fortune when I was still a little girl. Now I am all grown up and transformed into the beautiful Goddess Godiva and happy to have my OWN. I love Money and yours even more. You must have visited the casino ones in your life and as we all know in the casino you PAY to PLAY. Not sure how much money to tribute? Just spin the wheel and tribute the corresponding amount by clicking on the Wheel. As always, don’t spin if you can’t pay! Yet, I know you just can’t resist the urge to play… so go ahead, inferior MONEY slave: Spin & Tribute straight into my bank account while I drain yours by clicking on the link and fill in the correct amount. You also send cash to my PO Box (preferred) address below.

Make sure to take a photo of the Wheel and the amount you landed on and send it to

1 Spin 5 Euro 2 Spins 10 Euro 5 Spins 25 Euro 10 Spins 49 Euro

Read my game instructions carefully:

Click on the PayPal tribute button


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