250 Club

€250 Tribute Club


This page is dedicated to the handful of slaves who have tributed €250 in a single click via the PayPal.me button, credit card or via PO Box. This is the ultimate money slave draining system, and I will continue to raise the maximum single tribute amount. Via PayPal you enter the amount once, then you can just click away your cash to me without re-entering over and over and over.

The Money slaves listed below have truly shown just how submissive and loyal they are. They have maxed out their credit cards, emptied their bank accounts and gave their Goddess Godiva the ultimate gift. Nothing makes me smile or gets me aroused like getting a €250 tribute notification in my email accounts or when I open the envelopes after my regular visits to my PO Box. I’ll be out with my girlfriends and look down at my iphone and see another slave is throwing his cash at me… that smile crawls across my face and I revel in the supremacy of my life.

Tribute your €250 now to join the ranks of my super MONEY slaves!

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